Art from Artme Gallery

Fine Art

My development from academic art to abstract art was an extended time after completion of Arts academy.

Even though I evolved from the academic style after a long period of time, I am still influenced by it in my art.

I saw the beauty in the reality we all live in and used it as an inspiration to create my abstract art.

Abstract Art

My abstract paintings are based on realistic subjects transformed into abstract art.

Reality gives me ideas for creating abstract art with dynamic colors, shapes and paintings.

To find pleasure and joy in abstract art gives the artist the opportunity to develop their artistic mind.

Mixed Art Media

I use acrylic paint and that suits me best because it dries quickly.

The abstract painting gives the artist a great opportunity to combine a variety of different media in a single work of art.


Size: 29 cm x 20,5 cm (11.4x8 inch)light the stars

Who light the stars

Ongoing Auction

Size: 23 x 22,5 cm(9 x 8,8 inch)

Mechanical Universe

Mechanical Universe

FANTASY painting-Orange landscape

Orange landscape

Ongoing Auction Starting bid: 1399 SEK (approx. 181,84 $) 133,14 €

37x28 cm(14x11 inch) FANTASY painting-Orange landscape

Save the last dance for me

Ongoing Auction Starting bid: 325 SEK (approx. 43,33 $)30,19 €