Love your curves and all your edges

Abstract painting with themes human and nature with open landscape in pastel colors

Handmade, Abstract, Horse, Painting, Canvas, Original, Painting, painted, oil,colors

Born to run

Handmade Abstract Horse Painting On Canvas. Original Painting painted in oil colors

Light blue water, sea, blue sky, clouds, horizon, dark water, beach, fishing nets, fish, sand

Blue water and blue sky

Light blue water, sea and blue sky with clouds from the horizon, dark water, beach with fishing nets, fish and sand

Painting, Rembrandt, light, figure, dark landscapes, forest

Att will2

Same painting as Rembrandt's with the light on the figure and the dark landscapes from the forest

Allafranga, Fashion, modern, Italian style, pastel colors, painted, oil


Allafranga Fashion in modern Italian style in pastel colors painted in oil

Abstract Oil painting , fish, water, canvas, canvas board, palette, created abstract


Oil painting done on canvas board. This is actually my own palette that I have pasted on canvas board that I have created abstract Painting



Abstract oil painting with palette knife

Klassisk, Allafranga, portrait, Italian style, dark, Rembrandt, background,bright light, painted, oil


Klassisk Allafranga portrait in Italian style with dark Rembrandt background and bright light painted in oil


Angel with pretty faces and beautiful body

Abstract figurative modern acrylic canvas painting, stars, blue night, sky light

Heads, tails, Abstract artwork, imagination, fly, extravagant, colors, dynamic, painting

Heads or tails

Heads or tails-Abstract artwork that lets the imagination fly with extravagant colors and dynamic painting


Back to the past

People in landscape-Figurative Abstract acrylic painting on canvas.

Abstract. vase, Flowers, colorful painting

Abstract vase1

Flowers in vase-Abstract floral painting, colorful flower painting, Abstract floral painting, colorful flower painting, painting of flowers, abstract painting

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