Mezzotint, zinc, plate, Att Will, freedom, strive, free

Att Will.

Mezzotint on zinc plate. Att Will associated with the freedom we all strive to be free


I can smell you from miles away

Dry-point printing on plastic plate created with mixed technology and only with a few colors

Drypoint, printing, plastic, plate, created,mixed, technology, colors, details


Drypoint printing on plastic plate created with mixed technology and only with a few colors and many details


Breaking Free

Print on copper plate. Figures in the blue sky with eccentric perspective


Red Heart Dreams

Abstract, mysterious red heart's dreams- The dreams we dream that we can remember the day after for me are always a piece of art

Original, etching, copper, aquatint, environment, stones, fish, plants, art

Fish and the sea

Original etching on copper, aquatint-Fishing is always exciting, but the ocean environment, stones, fish and plants are art for me

Original, dry-point, printing, old fisherman, fish, sea

Fisherman and the sea

Original dry-point printing-The old and the sea-the old fisherman who lives with the fish and the sea are always interesting objects to paint

Hungry, birds, Original dry-point, sea, old boat

Hungry birds

Original dry-point-hungry birds by the sea beside the old boat



Original dry-point. Who came first the egg or the chicken or the chicken and the egg afterwards

Orpheus, married, beautiful Eurydike, played lyre, sang, beautifully, nymph, wild animals, rivers


Orpheus was married to the beautiful Eurydike nymph. He played lyre and sang very beautifully, so that the wild animals became tame and rivers stopped to listen

Nude, triptych, beautiful women, painted, dry point

Nude triptych

Nude triptych- three beautiful women painted in dry-point

Artist, model, themes, eternity, artists created, creations, model

The artist and model

The artist and model-The themes of eternity that many artists created their creations with a model in front of them


Flowers of happiness

Colored Dry point

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