Acrobat, ent grace, balance, flexibility, elements, danceertaining, audiences, circus, dance, production,


Acrobat in entertaining audiences at a circus or a dance production, grace, balance, flexibility and elements of dance

Clown, playing, violin, rooster, Watercolor, velour paper


Clown playing violin for the rooster. Watercolor on velour paper.


King has lost his Crown

Original Watercolor on 300 gr cold pressed Arches paper. One of my best watercolors when it comes to technical behavior, mood and composition

Flowers of happiness

Flowers Of Happiness

Original Watercolor on cold preset Arches paper

Clown, Colorful, watercolor, cold pressed Arches paper, circus, children

Frightened Clown

Colorful watercolor on 300 g cold pressed Arches paper. The clown we often remember from the circus that all children love

Reverie, kitties, girl, cat, garden, Mixed Art Media

Reverie with kitties

Reverie with kitties-The girl and her beloved cat out in the garden. Mixed Art Media

Mars, red planet, sun, solar system, Watercolor Mixed Art Media

Red galaxy

Mars: The red planet is the fourth planet from the sun and the second smallest planet in the solar system. Watercolor with Mixed Art Media

funny Clown, Watercolor, Cold Pressed Arches paper


The funny Clown. Watercolor on 300 g Cold Pressed Arches paper.

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