Fine-Art, Oil, Abstract, Mixed art media

Fine Art

The road from academic art to abstract art for me was quite long after completion of Art academy. It took me many years before I was able to get free from the academic style, but it still influences my artwork. What I brought with me is the beauty of reality, which I use to create abstract art.


Mixed Art Media

I use acrylic paint and that suits me the best because it dries quickly.The abstract paintings give the artist a great opportunity to combine a variety of different media in a single work of art.


Abstract Art

My paintings are created after reality and transferred to the canvas, in form of abstract art. Reality gives me ideas for creating abstract paintings with dynamic colors and shapes. While I am in the creative process, I challenge my artistry, and here I find real happiness and joy.

blue, night

Blue night

Abstract figurative modern acrylic canvas painting, stars, blue night, sky light

Colorful, Orange, sky, landscape, sunset, nature painting, canvas

Orange Sky

Colorful Orange sky landscape, sunset, nature painting on canvas



Colorful modern extravagant abstract contemporary artwork painting

Acrylic, green landscape, wildflowers, sky, nature, summer, sunset

Green landscape

Acrylic green landscape, wildflowers, sky, nature, summer, sunset

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