blue, night

Blue night

This artwork showcases a serene night sky with abstract figure, created using high-quality acrylic paint on canvas.

Flowers of happiness

Flowers of happiness

Flowers of happiness are a symbol of joy, positivity, and contentment. They are often associated with spreading cheer, peace, and love to oneself and others


Abstract Symphony visually represents music emotions and aesthetics using color, instead of recognizable objects. It creates a sense of rhythm, movement, and harmony through visual elements.

Acrylic, green landscape, wildflowers, sky, nature, summer, sunset

Landscape in Green

A landscape in green brings to mind lush forests, rolling hills, and vibrant grassy meadows. It is a scene of natural beauty, where the color green dominates and creates a sense of peace and serenity.

Fine-Art, Oil, Abstract, Mixed art media

Fine Art

After graduating from Arts Academy, I transitioned from academic painting to abstract art. Though challenging, I now incorporate the beauty of reality into my creations.

Mixed Art Media

Mixed Art Media

As an artist, I prefer using acrylic paint for mixed-media art, because it dries faster and is versatile in creating abstract pieces. It allows me to experiment with various materials and techniques, all in one painting.


Abstract Art

I create abstract paintings inspired by reality with vibrant colors and patterns that push my artistic boundaries, bringing me true enjoyment and pleasure.

Island, birds
Island birds
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